How to Make Your School More Passive Income

Generating revenue probably wasn’t at the top of your checklist when you began work in education. However, as your school grows, circumstances might prompt you to invest more in its changing needs—such as better textbooks, laptops, or even gym equipment. So, what is the best solution? Create revenue by going green and challenge the student body and your colleagues to recycle with an innovative recycling program for schools.

How Does Clothes Bin® Work?

Clothes Bin® is a national franchise composed of franchisees who operate Bins for recycling textiles in their community. At Clothes Bin®, we go the extra mile to provide franchisees with the tools they need to grow their business.

If you’re looking for flexible clothes recycling franchise ownership opportunity, Clothes Bin® is the answer. Our comprehensive franchise support system includes a state-of-the-art Bin Location Information Program (BLIP®), which monitors each Bin and alerts the franchisee whenever a Bin approaches its capacity and needs to be serviced.

Further, our first-of-its-kind franchise opportunity comes with no added work or responsibility for schools, so you won’t have to worry about overhead costs or time-consuming setup. When textiles are collected from clothing recycling Bins, you’ll receive a monthly check for the recycled poundage. It’s that simple!

Benefits of Clothes Bin® for Schools

We’ve partnered with over 250 schools across the country to recycle clothes, shoes, and textiles. Here’s how our green recycling program can benefit your school:

  • Simple start-up: Joining the Clothes Bin® family is simple, and you won’t have to worry about an expensive build-out, inventory costs, or soft openings. With flexible hours and no major overhead commitments, you can retain your full-time responsibilities as the business grows.
  • Specialized educational programs: A recycling business is a great opportunity to set a positive example for students and teach them about sustainability. With a lack of convenient ways for people to recycle clothes, shoes, and textiles, Clothes Bin® is poised for the next Green Movement.
  • Customized signage: Clothes Bin® provides specialized signage to promote the location, which will drive consumers to your recycling Bins.
  • State grants: Along with free Bins, customized signage, and monthly paychecks, some schools may also qualify for state grants by participating in recycling programs.
  • Built-in marketing system: Your school has a built-in marketing system. Start with your PTO, create a “Green Team,” and get your community involved in the recycling movement. You can even start a social media program on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and promote your Bins through your school’s website.

Join the Green Movement with Clothes Bin®

Searching for simple ways to make your school more income? With so many schools located in suburbs or downtown cities, you can offer an accessible green solution to reduce landfill waste, inspire your community and set a positive example for students.

If you have any questions about the process, we also offer Corporate Support to assist in signing up schools in your territory. Reach out to our franchise support team today to request additional franchise information.

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