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The Clothes Bin® mission is to help the environment by providing a convenient way for people to dispose of unwanted clothes, shoes and textiles. As Clothes Bin’s® network expands, so will the positive impact on local landfills and the global environment. Unlike other typical recyclables such as bottles, cans and paper goods, most local municipalities do not offer a convenient way for their citizens to properly recycle textiles.

Clothes Bin is a for-profit recycling company that works with for-profit and non-profit entities that collect, manage and distribute clothes, shoes and textiles. Our efforts stimulate the economy through market creation, small business promotion, job creation and charitable fundraising. The textile recycling industry provides a significant source of revenue and employment while helping to reduce the world’s carbon footprint. Our recycling programs make it easy for individuals, non-profit and for-profit companies to give discarded clothes, shoes and textiles a second life.

Clothes Bin® is expanding throughout the Unites States. Learn more about the Clothes Bin® opportunity

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How does this recycling OPPORTUNITY stack up?

TEXTILES: Most people don’t know that textiles can be recycled, resulting in only a 15% participation rate
NEWSPAPERS: Paper recycling is one of the most popular form of recycling
SODA CANS: Recycling remains a popular preference for consumers as long as it is convenient
Current recycling trends according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency

Become a PARTNER

Join our efforts to help serve the local community and economy, as well as the environment. We partner with convenience stores, gas stations, business owners, property owners and management companies of shopping centers who allow us to place a Clothes Bin® on their property. Our partners demonstrate to the public their support of our “green” initiative by encouraging their patrons to contribute, by providing a convenient way to drop off their bags of unwanted clothes, shoes and textiles. Clothes Bin™ drives traffic to your location and as people recycle their clothes, shoes and textiles, they create more room to purchase new items. Bottom line, Clothes Bin® generates additional revenue for tenants, and provides monthly income for landlords, for their participation in the green initiative.

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