Recycling Programs for Schools’ Fundraising

Most schools rely on fundraising to generate much-needed capital. However, these efforts can also serve as an opportunity to educate students about protecting the planet and reducing their environmental impact. Recycling can be an easy way to raise money for educational and extracurricular projects while letting students take a more active role in environmental stewardship.

Here are a few school recycling programs that can help raise valuable funds.

Inkjet cartridge fundraiser

There are dozens of businesses that will pay a small fee for each inkjet cartridge that is collected. Recycling old ink toner cartridges can keep an estimated 38,000 tons of plastic and metal out of landfills. Ink cartridges are often made of petroleum-based products that take more than 1,000 years to decompose.

Recycling electronics

Recycling electronics doesn’t just help your school earn money. It also helps reduce waste by keeping millions of computers, cell phones, and other equipment out of landfills. In addition, fundraising events through local companies and big box stores can generate cash for old digital cameras, mp3 players, laptops, gaming systems, camcorders, LCD monitors, and e-readers.

Clothes recycling fundraisers

Seasonal clothing fund drives are a great way to recycle old textiles and raise money for schools, but these are one-off events. What if you could fundraise 24/7 with Clothes Bin®’s recycling programs for schools K-12? With our program, schools receive funds for every pound of textiles recycled.

Students, parents, and staff can drop off unwanted clothes in a conveniently located Clothes Bin. The school gets paid seven cents per pound, and each Bin has electronic sensors that monitor capacity to avoid overflow. Textiles collected in the Bins can be purchased by the National Buyer Program. Be sure to ask how your school can receive a $100 signing bonus!

Recycling franchising opportunities with Clothes Bin®

Clothes Bin® is passionate about recycling and reducing environmental damage caused by landfills. We are a top-rated textile recycling franchise that promotes a green environment while providing franchisees with a passive income. If you are interested in a clothes and shoe recycling franchise opportunity to augment your educational fundraising needs, it’s easy to get started with Clothes Bin®.

We have developed a proven model for collecting, managing, and distributing textiles throughout the country. This semi-absentee low-cost franchise opportunity is easy to start, as it requires no prior experience or ongoing inventory management.

As soon the Bins are placed on the campus or strategic location, they are working for you. We also offer an extensive training program that equips new franchisees with the tools and knowledge to effectively run their business.

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Looking for a part-time franchise opportunity that works full-time? A clothes recycling franchise for colleges and schools benefits from high foot traffic and consistent student body turnover.

Now is the perfect time to launch your own recycling franchise with Clothes Bin®. Request more information on franchise business ownership today!