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I absolutely love the textile recycling program!

I really feel it gives students, not only an opportunity to learn entrepreneurial skills through the Clothes Bin- L.E.E.O. (Linking Education and Employment Opportunities) Recycling Fundraising Program, and teaching the students how to run a business, but it also provides opportunities for students to help the environment and work with the community, and really see the impact of their efforts!

Principal Wynter
Principal at Lyons Creek Middle School

A Green Initiative That Earns You Green

The public demand for environmentally friendly solutions has never been greater. Clothes Bin® strives to offer convenient ways for communities to recycle clothes and shoes. Our national franchise system provides all the tools you need to grow your business.

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Clothes Bin is a unique business model in that you can control your destiny and be as successful as you choose to be.  The simplicity of the structure and process makes implementation and success very attainable.  And each corporate team member is dedicated to seeing each franchisee succeed.

Clothes Bin Testimonials

M. Lewis
Charleston, South Carolina Franchisee

Scaling Up Your Clothes Bin Business

The initial recycling business package comes with a minimum of 20 Bins. Once you are comfortable with the system, you will be able to purchase as little as 10 Bins at a time and expand to new locations—and we will assist your growth. Request more information about running a Clothes Bin® recycling business.

Recycling Programs for K-12 Schools

Clothes Bin®’s school recycling program helps raise money for your school with a free textile Recycling Bin. With contactless textile recycling Bins for school, you can inspire change in your community while educating students about the environment and the importance of recycling.

Fill a Clothes Bin® Not a Landfill

Approximately 85% of clothes and shoe waste ends up in landfills each year—equaling 17-billion pounds of unnecessary clothing waste annually. Over time, clothing waste in landfills produces greenhouse gases, which ultimately contributes to climate change.

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