A fictional day in the life of a Clothes Bin® FRANCHISEE

fran_circleMeet Carl, a retired fireman and recent grandfather. Happy to have more time to spend with family, Carl also finds time to volunteer at the local YMCA. But even with his full schedule, he still finds it easy to manage his part time business; a Clothes Bin® franchise.

Thanks to a low-cost for entry and agreeable financing terms available, Carl found it easy to get started. The part-time nature of the opportunity made it the perfect choice for him and his wife as they looked for ways to supplement their income.

Getting started didn’t take long. After some onsite training and the delivery of his bins, Carl was ready to put the franchise’s proven processes to work. BLIP® made it easy to plan and manage the bins while he went about his day. Carl saved wasted time, energy and fuel by using BLIP® to map out an efficient route to only those bins needing to be serviced.

On one occasion, Carl took his son-in-law along to show him how it’s done. Seems he’ll be responsible for tending to the business while Carl and his wife are on their two-week vacation. Thanks to Clothes Bin® and BLIP®, Carl will be able to track his progress remotely – assuming, of course, he can do so without getting caught on his phone again.